Papua New Guinea

Roasting Guide

Unlike the other Indonesians, PNG shines at light roasts, with creamy, juicy, buttery characteristics.It is not earthy, has a medium body, and it is fruity but not like an African.The fruit undertones will be more like pineapple, papaya, mango, and such.  On the other hand, a dark roasted PNG can taste just like a high quality Sumatra Mandheling. 


Papua New Guinea is the odd ball Indonesian.It is the only region that doesn’t use the semi-wet-process method.  They also don't grow the "Java" varietal of coffee bean that the other islands grow.  And hence their coffee tastes nothing like an Indonesian!    Papua New Guinea grows a lot of the Jamaica Blue Mountain varietal, which, while it doesn’t taste like Blue Mountain, it is a nice coffee in its own right.  I find a lot of inconsistency from one crop to another, even from the same estates or co-ops.In general, the co-ops do produce a coffee with more complexity while the estates are better at sorting and processing. But the taste varies greatly and you really just have to sample them to find out what you’re getting, as bean size and sorting don’t guarantee a good taste.