What We Do

We Make Your Mug Happy.

Western PA isn't known as being front and center in the coffee industry. We're out of place here as a nationally recognized  brand of the best coffee at low prices. We are working hard at educating and creating coffee culture in our region, but unfortunately, we sell 90% of our best coffees out of state. Cali, NYC, Texas, Florida. We bring in the best coffees in the world and they are fascinatingly delicious, and Western PA isn't quite there yet to appreciate it, so we mail it out.

But if you're a business in Western PA wanting to have the best coffee, we do have it. And we are ridiculously inexpensive. And we advertise for you, network for you, save you money, work with you. Our accounts excel. The sad truth is that almost no coffee shop or restaurant here cares about how their coffee tastes. That's why we end up sending our best coffees out of state.

But we spend a lot of time one-on-one educating locals about good coffee, spoiling them. The accounts we do have -- we keep their equipment in shape and make sure they are giving their customers a treat.

Most businesses around here think coffee quality doesn't matter. They go with a horrible tasting coffee that will buy them equipment and over charge them.

We won't buy you equipment, but we'll get you a good deal on it and keep in maintained. We will buy you the best .001% coffee in the world, charge you 30% less than the bad coffee you're buying, and bring customers to you.

It breaks my heart when local businesses mean well but pay too much for really bad coffee. I know most people around here don't know any better, but we are educating people one on one and trying our best to get Erie to understand good coffee.

As a wholesale coffee roaster, we supply coffee, tea, syrups, smoothies, alternative milks, and chai. But we also ship a lot of green (unroasted) coffee all over the country to small roasteries and home roasters. We also offer private labeling (in other words, you sell coffee with your label on it, but we will roast and package it for you).

We're Your Coffee Partner.

We aren’t just another coffee provider. Our hope is to be your partner in achieving excellence. Your success equals our success. To achieve this end, we provide you with the lowest wholesale coffee prices of any specialty provider in a 50 mile radius. We offer free local delivery and unlimited customer service. Into every roast and every communication, we impart years of experience and positive thoughts.

As roasters, we are perfectionists every step of the way.  We use two extremely precise, digitally controlled, American-made custom-built roasters from US Roasting Corp – a company in Oklahoma City which has won recognition four years straight for building roasters that produce the best tasting coffee on the market.  We roast over 100 batches of coffee a week -- everything sent out is extremely fresh.

We Buy Responsibly.

What really sets us apart is our sources. Unlike most wholesale coffee roasters, we only buy organically grown coffee, purchased from responsible sources. Coffee is an industry still polluted by greed, slave labor, corruption, and destruction of the environment. Since coffee primarily grows in third world countries, opportunities to take advantage of land and labor are always present.

When you drink Happy Mug coffee, you are paying workers properly for their labor and efforts. The farms we buy from have built schools, orphanages, and medical clinics. They pay their workers fair wages. The co-ops we buy from are transparent, certified, and passionate about their crops. And the coffee we buy is rated among the top 3% best tasting coffees in the world.

We gladly sell our coffees at retail. You can order online and have it shipped right to your door, or order online or email and let us know when you are coming to pick it up.