Terms of Sale

Internet Orders

Orders placed by noon EST ship same day Monday through Friday.  Otherwise, orders ship next-day.  Your credit card is charged at the time of order.


Most orders are shipped via Priority Mail, but we reserve the right to use whichever shipping company makes sense for your order.  Orders of 10 pounds and up often ship via FedEx.  All orders are shipped with a tracking number which you will receive after the package ships.
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Green Coffee

If you order contains green coffee, you will have to roast it yourself before you can brew it. Like rice, beans, and other agricultural products, sometimes green coffee has strange things in it. Stones, popcorn kernals, shoelaces, etc. If we see it, we pull it out before we send it off, but it is easier to find stones AFTER you've roasted it.  It doesn’t happen often, but it DOES happen, and you’ll mess up your burr grinder if you toss a stone in there, so give your beans a quick look after you have roasted them.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Sometimes things go wrong. The coffee doesn’t taste the way you expected.  The box was damaged on its way to you.  Whatever it is let us know as soon as possible so we can make it right. You paid for something wonderful, and if it’s anything less than wonderful, we need to know so that we can help you enjoy it.  We have 20+ varieties of coffee because everyone's preferences and tastes are different. If you try it and decide that you just don't like the particular coffee you've ordered, we can help you figure out what you will like, and you can exchange the unused portion of your purchase for a coffee that will wow you.