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Papua New Guinea Tsekaka

Papua New Guinea Tsekaka

Tsekaka is the name of the Tribe that grows this coffee and also the name of the language they speak. The name of the plantation is Amuliba. All Papua New Guinea coffee is grown organically, and of course the tribe uses sustainable, earth-friendly farming practices as well.

The varietals grown on their plantation are typica and bourbon, and this is a mix of both. They are sorted by size, and these are the A size (one step down from AA). Nice blue beans all clean and fresh. If you roast it really dark, like 45 seconds into the 2nd cracks, it tastes very much like a Sumatra Mandheling. It's slightly earthy, with spice notes, full body, long aftertaste, a sweetness -- really nice, and worth considering, given the current price and scarcity of Sumatra island coffee. But I prefer to roast it light! In a light roast -- maybe close to a minute out of the 1st cracks -- you will find a smooth creamy butterscotch flavor with some tropical fruits like mango. Lighter yet is even more interesting with a juiciness and a fruity tang. It's a solid mug of Papua New Guinea.

US Arrival October 2018

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