Everyone loves coffee! 

Are you in a non-profit group looking to raise money? Happy Mug is here to help!

Contact us by email with your name, the organization you represent, how many people are participating, and any dates you have in mind for your fundraiser! We'll discuss with you what dates are open for us, provide information about costs and delivery, and send you documents to help you organize your fundraiser!

Contact us at


How much profit will our fundraiser receive?

The profit is split 50/50 between you and Happy Mug.

Do I have to order both coffee and tea?

No, you can order just coffee.

Can I pick whatever tea/coffees I want?

No, but we will do our best to accommodate requests. We ask that you wait until a week or two before the fundraiser takes place to discuss these with us due to our ever-changing stock.

How big are the coffee/tea bags?

Coffee comes pre-packaged in 12oz bags, and tea comes pre-packaged in 2oz bags.

Can I order ground coffee?

Yes. We offer whole bean and ground coffee, both of which may be ordered together. All ground coffee is medium ground.

How do I organize orders to send to Happy Mug?

You send us the names and numbers of those ordering, and we put them into organized forms for you! 

How long does it take for the orders to be filled?

We usually ask for 3 days to fill fundraiser orders.

Do you deliver?

If you are local to the northwestern, PA region we are happy to arrange delivery, or you can pick up your order directly from our shop.

Can you ship my order?

Email us to see if your area is within our range.

If there's anything we missed, don't hesitate to reach out! We'd be happy to assist you.