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Zambia Washed Kateshi Estate

Zambia Washed Kateshi Estate

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Zambia coffee is almost never found in the United States. It is prized for its chocolate-cherry notes while being smooth and full bodied.

This one is from the Kateshi Estate in the Northern Province by Lake Bangweulu. It's heading up towards Tanzania. Zambia does not have a department of agriculture that certifies organic products, but  Kateshi does use organic farming methods and is Rain Forest Alliance certified.

They seem to have been processed very carefully, as they beans look clean and nice, with few defects.

My only recommendation for roasting is to give it a medium roast, just at the verge of the second cracks. You’ll have a mug of coffee that tastes clean, full bodied, chocolatey, smooth, and cherries. We experimented with a variety of roast profiles and kept coming back to this one because the darker roasts do begin to burn, and the lighter roasts are somewhat tart and vegetal.

US Arrival May 2024