Zambia Natural Isanya Estate

Zambia Natural Isanya Estate

Zambia coffee is almost never found in the United States. This is the first time we've even sampled a Natural Sundried Zambia, but it is fantastic and we wanted it. We also bought the washed process version of this same coffee, but they roast and taste very differently.

This one is from the Isanya Estate in the Mafinga Region in the northern part of the country up by Tanzania. Zambia does not have a department of agriculture that certifies organic products, but Isanya does use organic farming methods and is Rain Forest Alliance certified. These are the largest beans from their harvest, which they have labeled as AAA size.

The beans almost look like a washed coffee instead of a natural. However, they taste and roast like a natural, so I guess I believe it. But they aren't yellow and pale the way most sundried coffees are. In a 5 pound roast we only found 10 quakers, 1 hollow bean, and 1 stick.

My only recommendation for roasting is to give it a light roast, much like a natural processed Ethiopia, you don't want it too far out of the first cracks or you will burn it. At this roast level you have a mug of coffee that tastes clean, sweet, fruity, with orange, berry, cherry, and some chocolate notes. It mellows out as it cools. I find it to be quite enjoyable, especially for how inexpensive it is! One of my favorite finds of the year so far - 2018 is off to a great start.

US Arrival January 2018