Zambia Mafinga Hills

Zambia Mafinga Hills

Zambia coffee is hard to find in the United States. It is prized for its juicy fruity notes, much like a Kenya, but is smoother and more full bodied than most Kenyan beans.

This one is from the Mafinga Hills in the Northern province, but against the Tanzania border. These are the highest peaks in the country. Zambia does not have a department of agriculture that certifies organic products, but the estates growing this coffee do use organic farming methods, and they have UTZ certification and RainForestAlliance certification. These are the largest beans from their harvest, which they have labeled as AAA/AA size.

The estates are meticulous about only picking the ripe coffee, and then processing it on site. These beans are really zingy. Really pop with acidity. Some green apple and lime notes, hint of cherry. You can roast it light like a Tanzania to coax out the most flavor, but the brightness is pretty intense. I'm roasting it more of a medium roast, and admittedly the taste isn't as complex, but it mellows out the brightness.

These aren't the freshest beans. They are about a year old, and we got a great deal on them because the new crop of Zambia is on the way. They don't taste old yet, but they were probably more flavorful earlier in the year. We're sticking it in blends to add a bright zingy punch.

US Arrival February 2018