Zambia Mafinga Hills

Zambia Mafinga Hills

Zambia coffee is hard to find in the United States. It is prized for its juicy fruity notes, much like a Kenya, but is smoother and more full bodied than most Kenyan beans.

This one is from the Mafinga Hills in the Northern province, up against the Tanzania border. These are the highest peaks in the country. Zambia does not have a department of agriculture that certifies organic products, but the estates growing this coffee do use organic farming methods, and they have UTZ certification and RainForestAlliance certification. These are the largest beans from their harvest, which they have labeled as AAA/AA size.

The estates are meticulous about only picking the ripe coffee, and then processing it on site. You can roast it light like a Tanzania to coax out the most flavor, and you get some nice green apple and orange notes with some acidity. You can go to more of a medium roast as well, but it really flattens out and becomes boring, albeit not bad at all. We are roasting it just barely out of first cracks to accentuate as much complexity as possible.

While it's a nice coffee, it's a really nice espresso. Even at the lightest roasts, it comes out flavorful and complex without astringency or overly sour.

US Arrival November 2019

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