White Peach

White Peach

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The sweet, honeysuckle taste of white tea is combined with ripe peach-nectar. Delicate white tea buds balance well with the pieces of dried apricots infused with natural peach flavor. Bright marigold petals contribute to this tea’s floral aroma. Drink a cup and enjoy the lingering peach fuzz mouthfeel. Good hot or iced, its lightly golden color is a gentle pick-me-up for any season.

Traditionally, white tea is steeped with 155-175 degree water, for 10 seconds. That water is then discarded, and the tea is steeped again for anywhere from 30 seconds to 3 minutes. Using too hot of water will make your tea bitter and unpleasant.

Tasting Notes: Juicy, Peach, Sweet, Floral

Steep: 1 Tbsp of tea for 12oz water. Water temperature: 158. Steep time 3 minutes. Sweetener: None

Approximately 8 Tbsp in a 1 ounce package.

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