Vietnam Duc Trong

Vietnam Duc Trong

Vietnam of course isn't really in Indonesia. But it makes sense that coffee can grow here. They have the mountains for it, and they are the second biggest global grower of robusta coffee, so coffee is a big part of their economy. But this is arabica coffee! I suspect none of our customers have had Vietnamese arabica coffee before. This is rare.

Women are leading the way in bringing the coffee industry to life in Vietnam. There’s a strong culture of having strong female leaders and they’re often very successful.  This coffee was grown by farms owned by women, and processed at a mill run by women.

I'm roasting it similar to a washed Indonesian coffee. Not super dark, but a little darker than a medium roast. It's not incredibly complex, but it's clean and pleasant. Not nutty or acidic like a Central American, not chocolatey, not fruity. Maybe slightly metallic. Slightly herbal. Slight tobacco. Good mouthfeel -- creamy and sweet. If you've had China Yunnan or Myanmar coffee this is in that same ballpark. None of our experimental roasts tasted bad, albeit none of them were tremendously exciting. 

But like, c'mon, you know you're intrigued. Buy 1 pound so that you can say you've tried it.

US Arrival March 2024

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