Uganda Sipi Falls

Fresh 2014 crop. This coffee also comes from Sipi Falls in the Kapchorwa District and has fair trade and organic certification. But this is a smaller, special prepped lot, and it contains only coffee varietals of Riuriu 11, SL14, and SL28. As you might know, those are the varietals that the best Burundi and Kenyan coffees are grown from. Its then packed in grainpro bags for freshness and sold at a premium.

I would suggest that it tastes similar to our standard Ugandan, but is decidedly better. It is sweeter and more interesting, with a taste of dried figs, and hints of toasted marshmallow and brown sugar with an herbal finish similar to what you would find in a fancy Indonesian bean. While I mostly use the standard Uganda Bugisu in blends, this special lot is solid as a standalone origin.

I like this one right at Full City...not quite into the 2nd cracks yet. It tastes smooth and sweet at this level. However, you can certainly take it darker. And with the shortage of Sumatra right now, this could be an economical substitute for your Sumatra blends.

At any rate, this is the best Ugandan coffee yet to date, and it makes me excited to see them continuing to improve the quality year after year.