Uganda Rwenzori Natural

The Rwenzori Mountains are in Western Uganda, over by Congo, completely on the other side of the country than the famed Bugisu beans and Mt. Elgon. The Rwenzori Montains are "the mountains of the moon"; and on the other side of the mountains is the Congo Kivu growing region. But the Ugandan side has the advantage of better infrastructure and technology and results in a higher quality export.

These are part of a motivated co-op known as Kasangal Farmer's Cooperative and they get credit -- for the first time ever -- of producing a specialty-grade natural-processed coffee in East Uganda. And it is amazing! They are growing the Kenya varietals of SL-14 and SL-28 at 6000-7000 feet altitude. Their modern processing mill, paired with a floating tank, raised drying bed, careful sorting, and attention to moisture content has all paid off. A pound of roasted beans only has a dozen quakers in it.

First cracks are a little later then you might be expecting, and in the lightest roasts, just barely out of first cracks, it reminds us of a Yemen. It has a malty, bread-like undertone with chocolate and fruit. Fascinatingly good. Almost a creamy banana undertone in there. Take it another 30 seconds and it reminds us of a natural Ethiopia. Plum, cocoa, and strawberry flavors, crisp and clean and sweeter, still malty/bread-like flavors. Another 30 seconds and you are losing some of fruit, but it is still has some sweetness --- malty, chocolatey. One of the easiest-to-roast naturals we've had come through in awhile because it tastes great at all of those ending points.

Since Uganda isn't known for high quality natural processed coffee, this is a bargain.

This is the May 2018 arrival.