Tanzania Ruvuma Peaberry

Most of the Tanzania peaberries on the market this year seem to be tart, but I've found one that is more on the sweet side. It has some hints of peach and sweet orange, with a pleasant mild acidity and clean afteraste. I roast it light, to pull out complexity of peach and maybe even green apple (don't think "sour" but rather, "crisp and tangy"). Through the first cracks, another minute or so, no 2nd cracks. I like it this way, but some people like Tanzania darker. You can take it all the way to the 2nds without a problem, and a Full City+ gives it more body but going into the second cracks much longer than a few seconds starts to get bitter. Tanzania does make nice espresso, at about 15 seconds into the 2nd cracks.

Although Tanzania is perfectly nice as a stand-alone single origin coffee, I keep it around particularly to blend. At about 33%, try blending it with medium roast Sumatra, or Kenya, or Uganda, or in your French Roast.... Everything you put it with comes to life.

This coffee is from the Southwest region along the Ruvuma River, bordering the countries of Malawi and Zambia. Until recent years, the coffee was unable to reach the global market, and the farming here suffered. RoyalNY has been exporting this coffee for a few years to revitalize the coffee industry in this area, and the effects are already being seen. New and refurbished coffee mills are operating efficiently, and both improving the quality of the coffee in this region as well as keeping the costs low. The coffee is very high quality, and will only continue to improve as support flows to the farmers living here.