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Tanzania Ruvuma Wet Hulled

Tanzania Ruvuma Wet Hulled

This coffee is from Southwest Tanzania along the Ruvuma River, bordering the countries of Malawi and Zambia. Specifically it is from the Aviv Estate which was established in 2011. Aviv has become one of the largest, fully irrigated, coffee projects in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania and in the process of securing irrigation for the estate, has also secured fresh water accessibility for 300,000 residents living in Southern Tanzania.  Until recent years, coffee was unable to reach the global market but new and refurbished coffee mills are operating efficiently, and both improving the quality of the coffee in this region as well as keeping the costs low. The coffee is very high quality, and will only continue to improve as support flows to the farmers living here.

This particular lot of coffee is a complete experiment. It is wet-hulled process, which is the process common in Indonesia (think Sumatra, Bali, Sulawesi). The coffee is soaked in water, causing it to ferment and pick up earthy, foresty, spicy notes with very low acidity.  This is essentially unheard of in Africa.

Because of this, you want to roast it fairly dark. Not as dark as Sumatra, but do take it to the 2nd cracks, and then I take it another 20 seconds into the 2nd cracks. If you go farther than that, it gets pretty bitter. At this level, there's definite earthy and root flavor, but sweetness and fruit as well. It reminds me of crazy expensive complex Sumatra coffees. I didn't expect this experiment to work, but if you're a fan of Indonesian coffees, you really should give it a try, its a really solid attempt out of Tanzania to experiment with Indonesian processing techniques.

US Arrival May 2023

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