Tanzania Natural Process

Tanzania Natural Process

Fresh 2013 Tanzania is here (10/13) and wow, this is a first for the world. Presenting.....Sundried Natural Processed Tanzania! Up until now, all Tanzania coffee beans on the world market have been washed before exporting, but these ones are sun dried, and man are they sweet. It's still tasting the way you would expect from a Tanzania, but these beans are super sweet, with a pleasant brightness and clean aftertaste. The sort of coffee you can sip on all day and never get your fill. This was technically an experiment, and I was braced to be disappointed, but this is the real deal.

This coffee is from the Southwest region of Mbeya, bordering the countries of Malawi and Zambia, and is an off-shoot of the “Hope Project" coffee. This is a separate brand with a higher focus on sorting, taste profiles, processing quality, and it sells under the Lima Limited brand name. It is a privately owned endeavor, but the owners are on the up-and-up, working with small farmers, teaching organic methods, getting their quality and production up, getting their crop to market, and getting them top-dollar for their harvest.

Exciting coffee, and you want to roast it like you would a natural processed Ethiopia, except it requires slightly more heat in the middle of the roast, like from the 5 minute mark to the 11 minute mark, getting into the 2nd cracks on time. Remember, unlike most Tanzanias which are washed process and dense peaberry beans, this is a natural processed flat bean, so it's susceptible to scorching and burning, and you can more or less follow your Ethiopia Natural profile, just pay attention in the middle and tweak the heat as needed. Not a bean you want to roast dark. Shortly after the 1st cracks end, you're good to go. I really do recommend this coffee, and I hope it's an experiment that is repeated for many years to come.

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