Tanzania Shinzingo Peaberry

Tanzania Shinzingo Peaberry

This Tanzania is grown down in the Southwest corner of the country bordering Zambia in the Mbeya region. Shilanga is the mill where they process the coffee, and Shinzingo is the name of the co-op of coffee farmers (roughly 200 farmers). They use the fully-washed process for all of their coffee. This lot is their peaberry crop which they sorted out from their regular beans.

This year's coffee was very impressive. When we roast it like a Kenya (just 20 seconds out of the 1st cracks), we get a sweet, complex coffee that smells like an Ethiopia with strong fruit aromatics, and tastes fruity and full bodied with a crisp acidity. Grapefruit with some lemon), wine-like, brown sugar, hint of melon, hint of peach, juicy green apple. 

As you approach 2nd cracks, the acidity tames out and the complexity is simplified, but you have a medium roast coffee with creamier body and a fruity aftertaste. You really can't go wrong. As a French Roast, you find that it holds up really well -- much the way that a french roasted Kenya would -- and obviously you lose the nuances and acidity of the the lighter roasts, but it makes for a sweet and exotically aromatic french roast.

US Arrival: March 2021

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