Tanzania Mara Tarime

Tanzania Mara Tarime

Even though this is technically a Tanzania, it is so far east in the country that it grows just a few kilometers from Kenya. It's in the mountains just south of Mt. Kilamanjaro and is the bourbon varietal N39 which is only a slightly different offshoot from the bourbon varietal SL28 that is famous in Kenya.

I roast it fairly light -- treat it like a Kenya. Maybe 40 seconds past the end of the first cracks, we see a reading of 402 degree bean temperature, but yours will probably say something different. If you handed me a mug of it, my first guess would be Kenya. It has that phosphoric acidity that dances on your tongue, and so much complexity. I'm tasting green apple, lime, concord grape (jasmine?). It goes from tart to sweet. The lively acidity just makes me smile. It's basically a Kenya bean but at a discounted price because it grew on the other side of the border.

US Arrival May 2017

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