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Tanzania Burka Peaberry

Tanzania Burka Peaberry

This coffee is from the Burka Estate, located on the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro in the Northern part of Tanzania up by Kenya. The estate and region both are among the highest reputation in the country for growing coffee. A peaberry is a mutation — a flaw in the coffee gene causing two cherries to grow as one. Some suggest it gives it twice the flavor. Few coffee fans really consider it a “flaw” and many seek it out. Indeed, in some countries they are rare. In Tanzania, they are more the norm. Peaberries are small and dense. This bean likes high high heat, especially for the first half of the roast. Slow it way down once you get close to starting the first cracks. If you've roasted a Kenya before, this will follow the same profile as a Kenya. A good exit point for Tanzania is right around 405 degrees bean temperature, maybe 20 seconds past the end of the first cracks. This will give you the sweetest cup. This is a coffee that I typically use in blending, to sweeten any other coffee. You can certainly drink it on its own, but the main tasting note on it is "sweet" with some citrus as well. 

US Arrival January 2022

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