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Tanzania Southern Highlands Zanzibar

Tanzania Southern Highlands Zanzibar

This is a large lot of Tanzanian Peaberry coffee from a co-op of several farmers in the Southern Highlands. It's not as complex or interesting as a microlot, but it's a really nice coffee for the price. My favorite part is how sweet it is, almost nectar-like. In light roasts you get toffee, green tea, orange, just the right amount of acidity, mild fruitiness without being weird, wonderful aroma, lingering aftertaste, it’s a winner. I like it better as it cools. It seems like the last sip from the bottom of the mug is always the best sip. If you like medium to dark roast Africans because of their sweetness, this one is quite drinkable into the 2nd cracks as well, although I personally prefer it lighter than 2nd cracks. 

This coffee is from the Southwest region of Mbeya, bordering the countries of Malawi and Zambia. 

US Arrival November 2023

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