Tanzania Southern Highlands

So much of the Tanzania on the market is a peaberry, but these AA flatbeans are easier for many home-roasting machines to handle. Due to the lower density of the bean, they require less heat, and if you roast them on the light side, you are much less apt to get a sour cup than with peaberry beans. This is a large lot of Tanzanian coffee from a co-op of several farmers. It's not as complex or interesting as a microlot, but it's a really nice coffee for the price. In light roasts you get just the right amount of acidity, mild citrus fruitiness without being weird, wonderful aroma, lingering sweet aftertaste, it’s a winner. If you like dark roasts and don't mind a little bitterness, it's quite drinkable well into the 2nd cracks.

This coffee is from the Southwest region of Mbeya, bordering the countries of Malawi and Zambia.  

US Arrival February 2020

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