Sumatra Takengon

Sumatra Takengon

I’ll enjoy a good strong dark mug of any Sumatran coffee you throw at me, but this one is cleaner tasting and more complex than the Mandheling we normally carry. The KKGO co-op sorted it better to make it taste less earthy.

With this Sumatra, I like to take it even darker than normal. It can really take the heat. We are getting a lot of herbal and savory notes and even floral notes, root beer, sage, and oak.

You can stop this roast at second cracks to get the most sweetness and acidity. But we take it dark anywhere from 40 seconds of 2nd cracks all the way up to 75 seconds of 2nd cracks, a real Italian roast. It doesn't taste burnt, it just gets really intense and potent.

Organic and fair trade certified.

US Arrival December 2020


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