Sumatra Lintong

This is one of the high-end fancy Sumatrans which used to be very uncommon but in recent years are becoming more accessible and finding a bigger market.  This lot is of highest quality and was sorted three times (Triple Picked Sumatrans are generally less earthy) and it is specifically grown in just the middle of the island near the town of Lintong, which has become a marketing name for the coffees grown in this area.  It holds organic and rain forest alliance certifications. 

So right now there is a shortage of Sumatra coffee. They had a bad crop two harvests in a row and coffee companies panicked. Prices have gotten ridiculous. We found this one to be really interesting, complex, good quality, really nice Sumatra....but it is two years old. So it's not expensive.  It has held up really well. Take it dark like any other Sumatra and you get that full bodied, smoky, satisfying coffee. If you've ever had an aged Sumatra, you remember the leather and spice notes; and this one does have those as well, although it isn't as intense as a fully aged Sumatran bean. This is a fully enjoyable coffee, with flavor notes and complexity that would normally demand a premium instead of a discount! I fully recommend this coffee. Do not be afraid of the age of it. Stock up on this one as Sumatra coffee is going to get very expensive and hard to find until October.

We take it 40 seconds into the rolling second cracks for a clean fully bodied dark Sumatran mug.  It is great on its own, but its also perfect for any blend that you have with Sumatra in it.  Instead of paying high prices for fresh Sumatra, use this one and your blend will be as good or better than ever.

Sumatra coffee is inherently one of the easiest to roast. You're not likely to mess up this roast.  Get it at least to 2nd cracks, but it is very forgiving and has so much body that you get a decent mug even if you mess up your roast.

US Arrival January 2016