Sumatra Lintong

This Sumatra is specifically grown in just the middle of the island near the town of Lintong, which has become a marketing name for the coffees grown in this area. It holds organic and rain forest alliance certifications. It's still wet-hulled, like a normal Sumatra Mandheling, but it is cleaner, sweeter, and just all around nicer.

I recommend roasting this dark. You can take it 90 seconds into the 2nd cracks for a sinfully dark Italian roast. You can take it 20 seconds into the rolling second cracks for a clean fully bodied dark Sumatran mug. But I like about 35-40 seconds of 2nd cracks. Without the earthiness in the way, you taste more of the sweet herbal Sumatra flavors. It has thick mouthfeel, tobacco, very satisfying, warming, makes you smile. Doesn't leave you with the dusty gritty aftertaste of some Sumatra beans.

USA arrival: November 2018