Sumatra Gayo Natural

Sumatra Gayo Natural

These beans come from the northern part of the island by the Gayo region and the Pantan Musara co-op. It's very unusual to get a natural processed coffee out of Indonesia, and even when you do, it is unusual for it to taste good. So this is rare on several levels! It's a really good sundried natural process Sumatra.

 It roasts a little different than anything you're used to. The end of the roast tries to race so you have to keep the heat down and hold it back a bit. The 1st cracks last longer than you might expect them to. If you want to drink it as coffee, I like it about 4 degrees darker than a natural Ethiopian coffee. If you want it drink it as espresso, give it about 9 degrees darker than an Ethiopian. It has no earthiness, lots of complexity, and it's pretty bright and floral and fruity. Rose, winey, a mixed fruit like cherry tomato, black raspberry, grape wine. Lots of sweetness, no earthiness.

US Arrival: July 2022

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