Sumatra Gayo Natural

Sumatra Gayo Natural

These beans come from the northern part of the island by the Gayo region and the Ribang co-op. It's very unusual to get a natural processed coffee out of Indonesia, and even when you do, it is unusual for it to taste good. So this is rare on several levels! It's a really good sundried natural process Sumatra.

 It roasts a little different than anything you're used to. The middle of the roast tries to race so you have to keep the heat down and hold it back a bit. The 1st cracks last longer than you might expect them to, but make sure you let them finish and give them enough heat that you don't stall out the ending. If you want to drink it as coffee, I like it about 4 degrees darker than a natural Ethiopian coffee. If you want it drink it as espresso, give it about 9 degrees darker than an Ethiopian. It has no earthiness, lots of complexity, and it's pretty bright and fruity. Almost a mixed fruit like cherry tomato, black raspberry, grape wine. Lots of sweetness, no earthiness.

US Arrival: December 2021

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