Sumatra Samosir Island

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This fresh crop of Sumatra comes from the northern part of the island in Lake Toba. It's actually from an island inside of Lake Toba (an island in a lake on an island!) It was sorted three times (triple picked) so the beans look much nicer than most Sumatra beans do. It has less earthiness and more spice notes. I particularly like it in a Hario pourover. 

The coffee has been sorted far better than most Sumatran beans. We have found a few stones in the mix, but very few defects over all and almost no broken or discolored beans. This is probably connected to why the aftertaste has no earthiness to it. That earthy, dusty, foresty, mulch flavor that most Sumatran coffees are famous for is non-existant here. This bean roasts the same as other Sumatran coffee -- we are still taking it a good 40 seconds in the second cracks, letting it get nice and smoky and dark.

US arrival November 2022