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Sumatra Gayo Leuser Antara

Sumatra Gayo Leuser Antara

Leuser Antara is a farmer's co-op in the village of Jagong Jeget in the Aceh region. It is a fair trade organic certified, rainforest alliance certified co-op.

This is a traditionally processed, wet-hulled Sumatra and you need to roast it dark. At least to the 2nd cracks, but I recommend 40 seconds of 2nd cracks because the darker you go, the sweeter it gets.  This lot of Sumatra is more clean tasting and sweeter than most Sumatra Mandheling lots. We are getting brown sugar, licorice root, vanilla, cocoa, and slight cedar. With this Sumatra, you get just a slight amount of earthiness. It's such a thick syrupy mouthfeel, and that's part of what makes it so satisfying. It's a great mug of coffee on a chilly morning.

US Arrival November 2023

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