Sumatra Aceh Takengon

Sumatra Aceh Takengon

I’ll enjoy a good strong dark mug of any Sumatran coffee you throw at me, but this one is my favorite right now. The Aceh region has a reputation for more specialty quality and is grown around Lake Toba with an emphasis on better sorting and cleaner offerings.

It’s not quite as clean tasting, complex, nor as uniform bean size as the Gayo, but it’s also complex and sweeter. With this Sumatra, you get cedar, licorice, black pepper, wood, and orange. Very full bodied. Sweet aftertaste. I can’t imagine anyone not liking a mug of this.

You can stop this roast at second cracks to get the most sweetness and acidity. But we take it dark -- about 45 seconds of 2nd cracks, the same roast as our Sumatra Mandheling. The darker you go, the more black pepper you get and less sweetness. But thick body and satisfying flavor and so smooth from start to finish makes this coffee a winner.

Of course it is organic and fair trade certified.

US Arrival March 2020


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