Sulawesi Jaya Washed

So here's a first for me. A washed process Sulawesi. Most Sulawesi coffees are wet-hulled, meaning the fruit has been soaked in water, giving them that spicy character. This one was washed at a washing mill. It's like the Aceh Gold of Sumatra -- you wash the bean instead of wet-hulling it and now you have a full bodied indonesian with acidity, fruit flavors, and no earthiness. It's best as a medium roast, shy of the 2nd cracks beginning.
In addition to the unusual processing method, it is a microlot, farm specific to the Jaya Estate, organic certified, and extremely well sorted, with only the largest beans.
There is a thorough writeup on the importers site, with roasting graphs, tasting notes, brewing suggestions, more information about the bean and farm, and more. You can read all about it here
Our analysis agreed exactly with theirs. We tried the lighter end of medium with a 413 degree roast, and found the nice lemon-lime soda acidity with sweetness and that instant "this is a really special coffee" attribute. On the darker side of medium -- just barely into the 2nd cracks at 418 degrees -- we found the chocolate and peanut butter they were talking about, with a lot less acidity. And even though the two tasting notes sound drastically different, they really aren't. We blended the two roasts together and had a really nice melenge mug. But the 413 degree roast is the better one.
Not your typical Sulawesi, but definitely a great coffee.

US Arrival November 2016