Rwanda Misozi

Rwanda Misozi

800 farmers joined together to form the Fair Trade Organic Kopakaki co-op. They then joined under the umbrella of the Misozi co-op to help market the coffee to the world.

Kopakaki grows only bourbon varietal, at 4500 feet above sea level in the south-western part of the country, north of Burundi.

The complexity of this coffee is unexpected. It is sugary sweet and very fruity. It is winey and bright like a Kenya, and depending on whether you take it a few degrees lighter or darker, you taste notes of apple, cranberry, red wine, raspberry, lime, caramel, and/or peach. It has medium body and medium acidity. We roast it not quite into the 2nd cracks to best enjoy the sweetness and fruity notes of this coffee without the acidity being overpowering. This bean makes a great espresso or espresso component when you take it 30 seconds into the 2nd cracks, but otherwise, it's not an ideal coffee for dark roasts.

The coffee came into the US in February 2022.

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