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Rwanda Mugina

Rwanda Mugina

Mugina is a washing station bordering DR Congo in the Kivubelt co-op. It is in the Karombi District in the Western Province. Approximately 1000 farmers contribute coffee as a co-op type agreement. 

You can roast this a little bit lighter like a Costa Rica but it's pretty bright if you do that. You get nice complexity of orange, pomegranate, banana, cherry; but it's kind of hard to drink because of the brightness. So we are roasting this just like a nice medium roast Colombia, and we draw out the middle of the roast to make it creamy instead of acidic, and we end the roast just after the 2nd cracks begin.  At this level of roast there's lots of chocolate, and hints of red fruit. There's a fairly large window of ending temperature in this area where you will get good results, but for your first try, take it to the verge of 2nd cracks. Makes for a really nice medium roast mug of coffee.

US Arrival: April 2024

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