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Rwanda Gasharu Natural

Rwanda Gasharu Natural

Gasharu is a washing station in the Nyamasheke District which is northwest of Lake Kivu. (we normally find our favorite Rwanda coffees closer to Lake Kivu but this one stood out for something a little different.) They separated out only Red Bourbon beans, and dried them on drying beds, and produced this natural process microlot.

These beans remind me of an Ethiopia in many ways. The taste is sweet, with a high dose of fruitiness (banana, blueberry) but it also has the cocoa flavor that you often find with Rwanda coffee. Overall the body is on the creamy/syrupy side with a minimal amount of acidity.

I like it about 20 seconds after the first cracks end. This sweetens it and gives it lots of cream-pie flavor. A little bit of earthiness but in my mind,  that's the pie crust. It doesn't taste like other Rwanda coffees that we've had, but holds its own as an interesting option.

US Arrival November 2022

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