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Pu-erh Loose (China)

Pu-erh Loose (China)

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Dark tea is a good choice for coffee lovers because it has such a rich body. It's not "watery" or "thin"

What is dark tea? Take a specific black tea, ferment it, let it age in a cave in a basket (different vintage years are sold, typically the older they are, the more expensive and desirable). Then some dark tea is sold loose, but a lot of times the tea is pressed into a shape. Pu-erh comes from one particular region in China and is a special category of Dark Tea known for its deep earthiness. Dark Tea is full of probiotics just like yogurt.

In Eastern culture they only brew it for a minute and will rebrew the same tea leaves 6 times or more. They scorn at Westerners who brew it 3-5 minutes, but hey, we are who we are. If you brew it 3-5 minutes, it is a full bodied black tea, with intense, slightly musty sweet chocolate flavor. This is a mug of tea that you are still thinking about the next day and wanting more of.

If you've never had dark tea, you are missing out.

Puerh Fair Trade Organic Loose -- Tasting Notes: Strong, Earthy, almost Musty smelling, Black Tea flavor. Rich, full bodied, and complex flavors of hay and earth.

Steep: 2 tsp tea for 12oz water. Water temperature: 205. Steep time 3 minutes. Sweetener: Unneeded