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Powerbean Coffee Flavorings 1LB

Powerbean Coffee Flavorings 1LB

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This listing is for 1 Pound packages, which is enough to flavor up to 32 pounds of coffee. Powderbean is a powder you stir into your ground coffee, but you can also get it in whole bean form and grind it in the coffee grinder (this allows you to sell whole-bean flavored coffee). It works best with coffees that don’t have an earthy aftertaste, so most roasters use a central american coffee (Nicaragua is my favorite to use, but boring Honduras, nice Perus, clean Colombias are all excellent choices). You want a City roast in most cases. I like it because it is some of the only natural flavoring on the market. There’s very little mess or fuss, no chemical aftertaste, it’s easy as could be. The manufacturer’s recommended strength is 97% ground coffee with 3% flavoring. Some of them you can stretch out even further, and some of them are mild and need as much as 5% to really come through nicely. But it’s all to personal taste.

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