Peru Cusco Yanatile

Peruvian coffees tend to be cleaner and smoother than the other South American origins. This one is a microlot in the Cusco region, by the Valle Inca co-op, in the Yantile Valley.

This Peru is a microlot and carefully sorted, but the fudge and nutty notes make it a good choice for a medium to dark roast bean. Keep your expectations in check, as Peru is never terribly interesting, but at a light roast (20 seconds past the end of the first cracks) it's smooth and sweet and clean like I expected, but it also has this definite milk chocolate and orange flavor in it, as well as a little shortbread cookie and peach.

But I'm roasting it like an Indonesian coffee. I can take it just into the 2nd cracks and it's excellent here. Rich satisfying chocolate and nuts in the flavor. Or well into the rolling 2nd cracks, you have a creamy chocolaty espresso, or a caramel-hued french roast coffee. Starts to lose a little bit of body, but you can blend in a little Indonesian coffee to compensate for that if you want, or just add some cream.

US Arrival: January 2022