Peru Cajamarca Santuario

Peru Cajamarca Santuario

Peruvian coffees tend to be cleaner and smoother than the other South American origins. This one is a microlot from Cajamarca, a growing region in the northwest of Peru, right up against Ecuador. Santuario is the co-op.

I'm roasting it like a Kenya. Hurry the roast through the middle portion to get an effervescent acidity and lengthen out the end to sweeten it. At this light roast level (full city, 407 degrees) it's sweet and clean with tastes of orange and mango and buttercream. This Peru is one of the most complex that's crossed through our shop, making it a good choice for a light roast bean. You can't go wrong with any roast level though. Take it just into the 2nd cracks and it's still interesting, hints of orange, very drinkable. Mellow, milk chocolate, sweet. I like it better lighter, but it's good either way.

Take it to the rolling 2nd cracks and it loses most of its complexity, but it still has good mouthfeel and holds up to the french roast level.

This is one of the most expensive Peruvian coffee we've ever bought, but it's also one of  the best Peruvian coffee we've ever bought, traceable, organic certified, and supporting better specialty coffee out of Peru. So it is what it is.

US Arrival: January 2022

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