Peru Sol y Cafe

Peru Sol y Cafe

This crop is from a smallish group of 1,000 farmers who just established their co-op 10 years ago. They are dedicated to protecting their environment by using sustainable farming practices. They are officially certified with both Organic and Fair Trade. The coffee grows at 3,000 - 5,000 feet above sea level. I like what they're doing and what they believe in and am happy to help support their endeavors.

For those of you who like your green coffee beans to look pretty, you will like this lot. It is a clean,  evenly matched bean size, well sorted lot.

In lighter roasts (full city, 406 degrees) this coffee taste fairly boring. It's good for using as a flavoring base, or for blending with coffees that need a neutral, traditional note. There's nothing wrong with it -- it's not overly bright, not earthy, no off-tastes, no citrus, etc. Just normal breakfast coffee.

It's probably best suited as an espresso base, about 20 seconds into the rolling 2nd cracks (430 degrees)

I also like it as a French roast coffee a minute into the rolling 2nd cracks (444 degrees). Add some cream, and enjoy the sweet caramel notes that come out at this roast level.

US Arrival January 2020

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