Peru Junin Natural

Peru Junin Natural

The Junin region of Peru is largely rainforest and represents about a quarter of the country's coffee production. Finca Tasta translates as "Country Estate" and is in the Satipo village.

In a super unusual twist, the farmer sundried these beans (natural process) instead of depulping and washing them at the mill (washed process), and it makes it one of the most interesting tasting fruity Peruvian coffees we've ever had. We particularly enjoy it as espresso, where it pulls a shot with notes of grapefruit, toffee, and a lingering finish, making the sides of your mouth pucker in a pleasant way. Lots of crema, lots of complexity. An unusual taste from an unusual coffee bean.

We're roasting it about 8 degrees darker than an Ethiopia Natural for the ideal espresso (about half way between first cracks ending and second cracks beginning).  As coffee, a couple degrees lighter is the sweet spot. It's excellent coffee with about the same tasting notes, but not as intense or as interesting as the espresso.

This is the only natural processed Peru coffee I've seen on the marketplace, but it is a success.

US Arrival April 2022

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