Peru Femenino

Peru Femenino

This Peru Femenino co-op was established by 450 women who took over the economic power of their coffee. They figured since they were growing it, sorting it, and processing it, they should be earning the money from it. Peru Femenino is certified fair trade and organic.  They promote “women grown” coffee, but also empower women's land ownership and leadership in the local communities. 

It is a well sorted and nice clean Peruvian coffee. At a light roast (full city, 407 degrees) it's smooth and sweet and clean like I expected, but it also has some cashew and chocolate flavor in it. Mellow and easily drinkable --- could sip on a coffee like this all day. 

Medium roast is a nice solid everyday coffee. Nothing too complex, but no bitterness, nice and smooth, creamy, easy drinker. 

Take it deep into the 2nd cracks for a french roast if you like a smoky, dark roasty taste. It holds up its sweetness and doesn't turn ashy and bitter. It's an excellent French Roast bean. 

Peru isn't a coffee that particularly gets me excited, but this one is above average!

US Arrival December 2019

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