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Peru El Palto

Peru El Palto

This Peru from the "El Palto" cooperative was established to improve the quality of coffee in Northern Peru while bettering the lives of the farmers and their families. It includes 189 active members, 40 of which are women owned farms. It is certified fair trade and organic. This coffee, from farmer Arsenio Duares Perez and his family, over a mile high in the Amazonian Andes Mountains was taken from the usual cooperatives crop and sold as a microlot due to its distinction. Coffee from the jungle gets us excited, it's like taking a trip there yourself!

It is one of the nicest sorted and best tasting Peruvian coffees we've tasted this year. At a light roast (full city, 407 degrees) it's mildly acidic, sweet, clean and has muted fruit notes of pear or grape.

A litter darker, just into 2nd cracks it's got a definite milk chocolate flavor we love about nice Peruvian coffees. Very mellow, very drinkable. Could sip on a coffee like this all day. No citrus notes, just chocolate, and a hint of fruit.

Take it deep into 2nd cracks for a french roast if you like a smoky, dark roasty taste without too much ashy char taste. But why take a special microlot coffee this dark!

Peruvian coffee is really wonderful everyday coffee, not too acidic, not too in your face, but wonderfully mellow and drinkable!

US Arrival March 2024

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