Peru CENFROCAFE Norandino

Peru CENFROCAFE Norandino

This Peru CENFROCAFE was established with gender equality as an important factor when the land was purchased and divided among producers. It is certified fair trade and organic.  They empower small families to earn a living by growing coffee on their own land and selling it into the co-op and being secure in knowing they will be paid fairly for their crop. 

This is a well sorted, nice Peruvian coffee with sweetness, a little citrus and chocolate and nuttiness in the background, and very clean -- no earthiness! At a light roast (full city, 412 degrees) it's smooth and sweet and clean and mellow and easily drinkable --- could sip on a coffee like this all day. 

Medium roast (just barely into 2nd cracks) is a nice solid everyday coffee. Nothing too complex, but no bitterness, nice and smooth, creamy, easy drinker. 

Take it deep into the 2nd cracks for a French roast if you like a smoky, dark-roasty taste with a dark chocolate aftertaste.

Peru isn't a coffee that particularly gets me excited, but this one is above average and supports a traceable co-op. It came through a processing station called Norandino, and Norandino has a certified SCA lab and Q grader classes and a state of the art cupping lab. They know what they are doing!

US Arrival December 2021

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