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Peru Anaerobic Natural

Peru Anaerobic Natural

Cajamarca is the growing region in the northwest of Peru, right up against Ecuador.  This is a microlot from the El Corazon farm, single varietal Bourbon type, Grade 1 sort, Sundried, and Anaerobic process. 

It makes it one of the most interesting tasting Peruvian coffees we've ever had. Roast it light, like a natural process coffee. Something like a natural Costa Rica or Natural Honduras is good, maybe 30 seconds out of the 1st cracks, but not even half way to the 2nd cracks. Err on the light side. We particularly enjoy it as espresso where it is wild with notes of orange, cider, and spice; and in filter brews as coffee you get chocolate, orange, and sweetness with a zingy anaerobic side note. In a french press, the anaerobic quality is too overpowering for me, but some of us at the shop really dig it. I don't think it's bad, its just a overpowering -- not balanced -- overtakes the legitimately good flavors in this Peru.

This is the only anaerobic natural processed Peru coffee I've seen on the marketplace, but it is a success.

US Arrival May 2023

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