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Green Coffee

Peru Amazonas

Peru Amazonas

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Peruvian coffees tend to be cleaner and smoother than the other South American origins. This one is a microlot in the Amazonas region. It is an organic and fair trade co-op called Cooperativa Agraria Cafetalera Pangoa.

This Peru is a microlot and carefully sorted, but the fudge and nutty notes make it a good choice for a medium to dark roast bean. Keep your expectations in check, as Peru is never terribly interesting, but at a light roast (20 seconds past the end of the first cracks) it's smooth and sweet and clean like I expected, but it also has this definite milk chocolate and hazelnut flavor in it.

But I like taking this one to the dark side. I can take it just into the 2nd cracks and it's excellent here. Rich satisfying fudge brownie with nuts. Or well into the rolling 2nd cracks, you can brew it as espresso or coffee and have creamy bitter cocoa notes. 

US Arrival: February 2023

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