Papua New Guinea Waghi

Papua New Guinea Waghi

This Papua New Guinea bean from the Western Highlands was grown in Waghi Valley and is of above average quality. It was grown by a co-op of small farmers throughout the area. It does not have organic certification, but Papua New Guinea is organic by law, so certification is not necessary on coffee from here.

The beans are largely made up of the heirloom Jamaica Blue and Typica varietals grown at 4,000+ feet above sea level. It is not sorted by bean size, and is sold as A/X grade, which just means you get a variety of coffee bean sizes. It drastically reduces the price since no one had to sort the beans, and it often makes for a nicer end result coffee. I've never been afraid of A/X beans.

This one is nice as a light roast just barely through the first cracks. It was a little bit buttery and creamy, with some fruity notes and orange juice and chocolate. If you speed the roast up too much it will be too bright and too tart, but when we slowed it down a little (just don't blast the heat, let it take its time), it was smoother and really drinkable. 

We liked it even better about 40 seconds beyond the end of first cracks. The fruit was all but gone, but the chocolate really comes out and is creamy and comforting to drink. No tartness too worry about here. 

It was fine -- albeit boring -- as a dark roast. About 10 seconds into rolling 2nd cracks seemed about right. Did not taste burnt or bitter, but was getting shallow and didn't have any complexity.

January 2020 arrival