Papua New Guinea Tribal Aromas

Even though all Papua New Guinea coffee is grown organically, Tribal Aromas co-op is one of the only organic certified co-ops on the island. The problem with co-ops is that you get inconsistency from one lot to another because different members are contributing to each lot. However, this one is a little more established and consistent than most, and this year's offering is pretty much spot-on with the last few years, so I'm happy to have it back. It's really nice, I think you'll like it! The key though, is to keep it light! City roast is as far as you can go. It picks up smoky ashy flavor even before you hit the 2nd cracks. But in a light roast, you will find a smooth creamy butterscotch flavor with some tropical fruits like mango. It's a solid mug of Papua New Guinea.