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Papua New Guinea Simbu

Papua New Guinea Simbu

The Simbu Province where this coffee came from is in the Eastern Highlands province, which is where the best Papua New Guinea coffee tends to comes from. All things considered, it's a great value. It's sorted to be just the A sized beans which makes it more consistent for roasting. 

I roast this bean to the two extremes. On the light side, JUST out of the first cracks, you have a smooth, savory, creamy mug. Think apricot and dark chocolate with a buttery almost broth-like undertone. You can drink it straight, or blend it into Guatemalans or other dark roasts to mellow them out and give them more body. On the opposite spectrum, you can roast it like a dark Sumatra giving it 30 seconds into the 2nd cracks to get a great dark roast without the earthiness. I like it both light and dark, but I don't like anything in between. The middle roasts are empty and flat. Not defective, just boring -- nothing that makes you want a refill.

US Arrival: November 2022

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