Papua New Guinea Kuta

Papua New Guinea Kuta

Nebilyer Valley is a growing region in the Western Highlands next to Waghi Valley. The mill processing this coffee is called Kuta, and it processes and blends the coffee brought in from small farmers in the immediate surrounding area. With that said, the coffee offerings are hit and miss. The Western Valley coffees are not as nice as the Eastern Valley coffees, but it does make a nice utility bean for blending. It does not have organic certification, but Papua New Guinea is organic by law, so certification is not necessary on coffee from here.

The beans are largely made up of the heirloom Bourbon and Typica varietals grown at 4,000+ feet above sea level. It is sorted by bean size, and these are the A sized beans

This one is nicest as a light roast -- get through the first cracks, but don't take it too much beyond that. We roast it as light or lighter than a natural Ethiopia. A lot of heat in the middle of the roast speeds it along and gives it nice acidity. Slow it down at the end to bring out caramelized sugar flavors of caramel and toffee.  This bean is a little bit buttery with some mineral, toasted coconut, and cherry flavors. 

February 2024 arrival

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