Papua New Guinea Korgua Peaberry

Nebilyer Valley is a growing region in the Western Highlands next to Waghi Valley. The mill processing this coffee is called Kuta, and both the both the mill and co-op are overseen by the same family so that the quality can be controlled. 

The beans are largely made up of the heirloom Bourbon and Typica varietals grown at 4,000+ feet above sea level. These are the peaberries which have been sorted out from the rest of the crop.

This one is nice as a light roast -- get through the first cracks, but don't take it too much beyond that. This bean is really buttery and creamy, and also has sweet tropical fruit tastes. It reminds me of a mango covered in butter. You can take it darker like other Indonesian coffees, but it gets boring at darker roasts.

US Arrival: December 2020