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Roasted Coffee

Papua New Guinea Baroida

Papua New Guinea Baroida

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Baroida Estate is producing some of the finest Papua New Guinea coffees we’ve ever tasted. It has the advantage of being located in the Eastern Highlands and owned by the same family since the 1960s; they have a high standard for quality and keep meticulous records about their own lots, but also use their experience and size to help neighboring local coffee growers process their coffees and sell into the specialty coffee market.

This is a microlot that was handpicked by the farm owner and set aside to be sold at a premium. 

We are roasting it really light to enjoy almost a pineapple acidity and a lot of juicy citrus notes, but also some herbal notes like fennel and rye. It's definitely a classic Papua New Guinea in the sense of being both fruity and herbal.

Papua New Guinea Baroida Estate Tasting Notes: Peach Cobbler, Juicy Orange, Passionfruit, Fennel