Papua New Guinea Arokara

Papua New Guinea Arokara

This is another Eastern Highlands province coffee, which is where the best Papua New Guinea coffee tends to comes from. This co-op is called Arokara and consists of families who lovingly grow coffee in their backyard -- as few as 20 plants -- getting a lot of attention throughout the growing season.

This bean is the grade called "Mile High" which essentially means it is A sized, which means, it's not quite as big as AA, but at least they are sorted and they are consistent.

This bean is very complex in taste, juicy, with both floral and fruity notes. I taste exotic fruits like mango and paypaya, and some honey, and maybe some orange juice mixed in. It is on the sweet side, very full body. Reminds me of a Kenya actually. It's a coffee I like to sip at and will brew it when I'm looking for something special and unusual to offer a visitor.

This is very much a light-roast coffee, and is probably best as a single origin, but it's okay to blend it with a dark Sumatran for contrast, or a boring Central American to add character, or a thin Ethiopian to add body. If you get it too light you'll get some vegetal tastes, like artichoke? Nudge it a tad darker to turn it to paypaya and orange juice.

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