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Central American

Panama Pacamara

Panama Pacamara

You have to be careful with Panama coffee because the cheap ones - you don't want. The expensive ones -- often overpriced. The good expensive ones? Delicious! So here it is -- a somewhat expensive, but very high quality Panama coffee. It came to us in vacuum sealed bags to keep it super fresh. It's all single varietal Pacamara which is a very large bean. It's not terribly complex, but it's so smooth and drinkable. It will remind you of a Jamaica Blue Mountain with its creamy milk chocolate smooth quality.

Lerida is less of an estate, and more like a tropical rain forest. There are trails throughout the ecological reserve, and over 500 species of birds live here. Exotic fruits and plants are abundant -- and even more importantly -- respected. The coffee growing in the reserve is seen as a bonus, not the primary focus.

The Panama is a delicate bean so be careful with dropping it at high heat -- you don't want to scorch it. You also don't want to overroast it. Keep it out of the 2nd cracks. Even as you approach 2nd cracks, the bean has lost a lot of what makes it special. You really only want to take it about 30-40 seconds past the 1st cracks. This makes it pleasant and balanced, with just hints of black currant and orange and some nice milk chocolate. 

US Arrival: October 2020

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