Panama Boquete Natural Geisha

Panama Boquete Natural Geisha

This is from the famous Finca Lerida estate in the Boquete region of Panama.

Geisha is commonly processed either via washed or natural process, and we bought both.

There is a LOT of information out there on how to roast geisha coffee. The consensus seems to be that it has a soft center and doesn't need as much air flow to fully roast. That you want to roast it about to the same level as any other nice Costa Rica, and that you shouldn't drink it for at least 3 days after roasting it.

However, in my experiments, we just roast this like any other natural processed coffee. Lots of airflow, don't scorch it, let it out right at the end of the first cracks. You end up with a coffee full of sweetness, orange blossom, medium body, juicy, cherry, medium acidity, citrus, long aftertaste.  It's better the next day. Easily a 90 point coffee that stands out; great for Christmas morning.

USA Arrival: October 2020 in vacuum packed foil bags